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How to Increase Your Social Media Posts Visibility

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Aug 28, 2017 7:29 AM

Today, social media has become an invaluable marketing tool. Most people use it to share the company's news, content, and culture. Firms have now taken to social media to provide customer service to their clients while improving the reputation of their brands. Just as the audience for different social media has increased so has the quality of content required on these platforms. Marketers who post content haphazardly may get frustrated with the low levels of visibility for their content. It does not mean high-quality content guarantees a higher number of followers or more engagement; sometimes the visibility may adopt a downward trend. As such, inbound marketers have to look for other strategies to increase social media posts visibility.

Reduce your Target Audience

Social media platforms allow users to restrict their audience based on demographics when posting organic content. Facebook, for example, lets you eliminate particular segments of the audience from viewing certain content you have posted. Instagram filters also come in handy to help you attract more comments and likes to images or reduce the number of people viewing your post. While the primary goal is to increase visibility, such tools allow you to reach the most relevant audience, thus improving the overall engagement rate. Improved engagement rates lead to a higher performance using the organic algorithm, hence improving your visibility over time.

Control your SERP

Here the company should strive to claim its business name on trending social media profiles. Thus, if an individual searches the company's name, the SERP should show the firm's website followed by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube profiles. You may use various tools to help you check the company's availability of the business name across popular social media platforms.

As you claim the company's social media profiles, you also need to include branded images, business information, and links to your website. While the links don't improve your site's authority, they help in improving visibility, credibility, and trust in the site's backlink profile. Marketers should also consider embedding social media posts on locations like Twitter and Instagram. As such, visitors to the site get to view running feeds of the latest posts and are encouraged to follow you for similar updates. You only have to do it once; everything else happens automatically.

Post Content at the Right Time

Any digital marketer will tell you there's no perfect time to post social media content. However, each platform exhibits patterns of increasing and reducing user activity. Marketers should use such information to determine the most appropriate time to post content that is appealing to the particular audience. You may also post when there is minimal user activity since your competitors are less likely to post content too. Similarly, specific days tend to be more valuable for posting content compared to others. For instance, Twitter shows lots of activity during the week and becomes rather inactive on weekends. Instagram, on the other hand, is extremely busy on weekends as most people travel and engage in lots of outdoor activity then. Marketers should reserve quality content for the days they are more likely to attract larger audiences.

Incorporate Videos on Instagram Posts

Photos attract more engagement in terms of comments and likes than videos on Instagram. However, a study on various Instagram accounts found that videos generate more comments than photos. Additionally video content is showing a steady growth in popularity. In 2016 Instagram experienced increased watch time by forty percent over a six-month period.

Host Competitions to Encourage Engagement

Asking questions is a fun way to encourage followers to interact with your posts, particularly when you are hosting giveaway contests. Some effective call-to-action strategies include:

  • To join, tag a friend who is rocking on social media
  • Enter to win by sharing your preferred emoji party combo in the comment section below
  • Share your book suggestions for a chance to win a free book from our team

Giveaway contests are known to attract lots of comments, hence the need to try them in alternative months to keep your page interesting.

Use Different Lengths for you Post

Shorter posts are presumed better as followers can peruse them fast. In fact, it is the premise for the using Twitter; users appreciated the forced brevity of content. However, long posts also stand out when they have quality content. Marketers should vary the length of their posts to identify the highest possible reach.


Improving visibility does not require investing in new digital tools. You just need to be creative and employ a little tact using existing tools to achieve the desired results.

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