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How to Have a More Productive Workforce

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Aug 31, 2017 1:06 PM

Businesses aim to improve the productivity of their employees but, how much do managers put into their skills to achieve that? As an employer, you ought to provide the necessary expertise and resources to enhance your employees' output. It may seem challenging to put it all together, but with the commitment, you can attain the goals. So, what should you do?

Improve Communication

Communication is essential for any organization. As a manager, you should communicate clear expectations and roles to your employees. It will eventually create two-way communication and a healthy work relationship between you and your employees. 

Have the right approach to failures in the past and use a calm tone to discuss issues in the work place. With open communication, there is a less likelihood of repeated errors among employees. More to this, your workers will build confidence and improve on their roles for impressive results. 

Offer Training for Your Employees

Your staff has all the qualifications for the roles but as time changes, and as your company grows, there will be a demand to educate on upcoming trends. Focus on holding training sessions or seminars to impart knowledge on new strategies for the work place. Equally, give your employees an opportunity to outline the barriers that affect their productivity. This way, you will have an idea of the matters that need extensive information and training to help improve their productivity.

Hold Team Building Activities

From time to time, organize small gatherings for your employees out of the workplace. The importance of this is to take a break from work pressure, interact with your employees, recognize improvements and reward accordingly. With Subway catering service, you can provide snacks such as sandwiches for your staff at the event.

Create a Boss- Worker Relationship

Just like your brand, your employees are important elements of your company. Therefore as an employer, you should take the first step to building a relationship not just for the workplace but in other matters that directly affect workers. Inspire and motivate your staff by showing them their importance in your business. More to this, work as a team in all the matters of your organization.

Show kindness to your employees by airing your sentiments in the right way. One thing, respect them and show them that you care. A simple 'hello' is a great step to creating an everlasting relationship with your workers. Also, as a way of caring for your employees, be reasonable with the working schedule to allow them enough time to focus on other matters. That can reduce job tension and increase their engagement resulting in higher productivity.

Let Employees Take Ownership

An excellent way of improving workforce productivity is by leaving your workers to run their roles without frequent supervision. It shows that you can trust them and believe that they will deliver the expected results. Let them manage their time and resources in the workplace without following up on when or how something happens. Focus on coaching them along the way other than doing it for them. This way, your workers will own their duties and work towards achieving the goals of the company as a whole.

Take Advantage of Remote Work

Remote workers are less likely to overlook roles, are more productive and perform better at work. Outline the goals of your business and determine what you can apply from the office. Having remote employees not only eases your work load but also saves on substantial operating costs. Additionally, you can implement multiple roles at the same time and attain quality results in a short period.

Go Slow On Social Media Use

At times, employees feel the need to restrict the use of social media during working hours. But, workers can learn about information that is helpful to their roles in your company. Over time, social media marketing has shown its importance in the growth of businesses. Restricting the use of the internet can communicate that you do not trust them and fear that they may be doing less work.


Eventually, it will all total down to happy, smarter and productive employees. With effective communication, building long-lasting relationships and showing appreciation you can create a healthy environment for increased productivity. Also, letting your workers take charge and providing regular training will improve their skills and build abilities to yield more desirable results.

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