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5 Repairs to lookout for with an aging home

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Aug 21, 2017 1:28 PM

Even the most well maintained old homes are still projects just waiting to happen. All that it comes down to is a matter of time for some repairs in aging homes. While some things can be avoided or tweaked with a little elbow grease, there are a handful of more major repairs that will eventually rear their heads and require attention within a short span of time in order to avoid further damage.


It's an inevitable eventuality that your roof will require maintenance if you plan on owning your home for any significant duration of time. Generally speaking, roofs will start to give out after around two decades, though warning signs could be seen much sooner. A few key details play into just how long your roofing will last but it seems that the elements (yearly weather conditions) play a big part in the severity and type of wear and tear on your roof.

Be sure to ask the previous homeowners just how long ago they replaced their roofing to get a general estimate of time that you will have to save up for future roof repairs. While costs for all repairs of the home will vary depending on a number of factors, you can expect to have to save up anywhere from $200 to $1,400 for simpler roof repairs and much more than that on major roofing replacements.


The gutters of a home are similar in their placement as the roofing of a home. Since they are also exposed to the outside of the home year-round, this subsequently leads to gutters experiencing a similar amount of wear and tear from the elements. Gutters are often overlooked by homeowners for the importance of their overall maintenance, due to them being a simple solution to what could potentially be a big problem. What gutters do is regulate water from rain and melting snow, ensuring that stagnant water does not sit idly on your roof and cause a bunch of problems. Gutter repairs cost nearly as much as roof repairs and their replacement is not much more than that, so many homeowners choose to simply replace their gutters rather than going through the trouble of patching them up every so often.

Window Leaks

Windows can be a very expensive thing to have to replace and ultimately, people tend to just try to seal them up with a cheap sealer they find at the store and expect that to be enough to weatherproof. Instead, it's highly suggested that weatherproofing be done by professional standards. While it's not necessary to completely replace every window, getting the sealing done right on old windows will at least guarantee that they work 80% as well as the more expensive alternative.

Water Heater

More often than not, homeowners will opt to go with the water heater that comes with their home. At least, for the time being until they can save up enough to purchase a new one. A few of the reasons why a homeowner might replace their water heater completely might be to get a water heater that is more up-to-date and thus requires less maintenance than an older one that comes with an aging home. Another reason might be the worry behind carbon monoxide leaking from an older model of water heater. Nowadays so many homeowners are switching to power vent water heaters, which greatly reduces the possibility of carbon monoxide silently making its way into the home from faults leading to leaks of the dangerous gas.

Plaster Walls

Lots of homes have plaster wall issues that can easily be fixed by the knowledgeable home repair enthusiast. Chips and fissures made in the wall from years of exposure to changing temperatures and expanding pieces within the confines of the wall boards do not mean that the entire foundation of the home is at stake. You can easily fill in these cracks and crumbles by following the guidelines for proper plaster wall repair, which is basically inevitable for any aging home.

Beyond the small things like creaking wood floors or a faucet leak or two, there are some more major issues that will eventually need to be dealt with for those living in an aging home.

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