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What's Your Office Style?

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Jul 27, 2017 4:09 AM

Have you ever walked into a well-designed and visually appealing office space that made you pause for a moment? Did your perception of the organization operating out of that space instantly improve?

Conversely, have you ever walked into a drab office that dampened your mood?

Employees spend nearly 8 hours a day on average in the workplace. That represents a very significant chunk of their time out of every working day. The need for an enabling working environment is therefore crucial if they are to spend that time productively.

An office with a right tone is an investment that can only add value if you understand its importance.

Why Office Décor Is Important

Office décor has the potential to either boost productivity or contribute to its curtailment. Reasons for why office décor is necessary include:

1. Its Impact on Clients

Excellent office décor helps set the tone with clients, especially if they are arriving for the first time. It makes the business look more professional and speaks to the success of the firm. A client walking into an office with excellent decor will find it easier to trust the business with their matters.

2. Team Productivity and Morale

The staff will spend most of their day in the office. It is therefore important to invest in good office décor that will transform the office into where they want to be instead of where they have to be. Such an environment positively contributes towards the productivity of the staff by boosting their morale.

Office décor speaks volumes about the type of leadership within the organization. A design that visually represents desirable team values can help foster a feeling of inclusiveness among the staff. This positively impacts their morale and ultimately improves productivity.

How to Use Office Décor to Set the Tone

Once you realize the importance of good office décor in positively impacting the tone of your office, it is easy to invest in it. Here are some ideas on how to use décor well in the office:

1. Paintings

Paintings carry an air of mystique and class around them. Offices looking to set a high-end tone use choice painting to achieve this.

Purchase valuable oil paintings if possible to gain credibility with high-end clients who can discern such art work. Another option for firms is to invest in some oil painting reproductions of their choice to achieve the same effect on a tighter budget.

2. Organizational Memorabilia

One popular and effective way of impacting team morale is to decorate the office with select organization memorabilia.

Displaying trophies the business has won or certificates reflecting its achievements tell the story of the company's success. This engenders employee pride in the company, which in turn sets a high productivity tone.Clients who walk into the office will also learn of the success the firm has achieved, instantly creating credibility with them.

Artistic but relevant displays of the mission, vision, and values of the business set a professional tone. Employees are constantly aware of the core focus of the firm. Any client can learn about the company's objectives and regard it as more professional due to the tone such décor creates.

3. Use Color

Different types of colors set different tones, and this has an effect on the staff as well as clients. To create a calming effect, use neutral tones. Blue and green shades induce a soothing tone which can be useful in certain office settings.

Yellow shades stimulate the intellect and are useful in setting an energetic tone with clients in reception areas for example.

4. Use Furniture

When the suitable type of furniture is used well in the office, it helps contribute to overall function and mood.

Professional but comfortable furniture sets a tone that lends itself towards focusing on the work at hand. Cubicles and board rooms are some of the area's best suited for such furniture.

Comfortable and relaxing furniture set an informal tone. Good lounge chairs or couches, for example, help liven the office break room relevantly.


Office décor plays an important part in influencing the workplace tone. Investing in the various décor items that create desired tones in the office pays its dividends in the long run.

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