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Ways to Impress Your important clients

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Jul 6, 2017 1:11 AM

In today's business environment where competition is becoming stiffer each day, businesses that know how to impress clients will excel. This is especially important when creating the first impression. Clients tend to form an opinion about the business basing on that first impression. Here are some ways you can adopt as part of your strategy of impressing your important clients.

Identify their needs

What most clients appreciate the most is a partner who not only provides the best solutions to their problems but also who proactively identifies those problems. So, even when they have not asked for solutions, you should always identify ways of making their business or lives better. Showing them that you understand and appreciate what they need, they will trust you more. The best way to achieve this is to listen to their concerns and checking the facts whenever necessary.

Go the extra mile

Since your customers are your greatest asset, their satisfaction has a significant impact on the performance of your business. Usually, it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer. Moreover, dissatisfied customers are more likely to spread the negative message, in turn, hurting your business immensely. So, businesses should strive to make their customers happy by going the extra mile, especially when solving clients' concerns. Having a dedicated account manager for certain customers can help in making them happy.

Respond to their concerns

There is no better way of impressing clients than offering answers to their queries. You should treat every query with seriously irrespective of how big or small the issue is. Generally, customers will have questions at all stages of your engagement whether at the pre-sale stage or after delivering the order. If their concerns are ignored, then might not give you another chance to get back to them. What they hate the most is when they have to wait without a proper timeline on when to expect a response. So, your customer service team should always provide spontaneous responses.

Surprise them with a gift

Who doesn't love a pleasant surprise. Customers love them too. In addition to offering quality service to clients, you should, once in awhile, reward them with gifts. If they were disappointed with some aspect of your business, this is an opportunity to impress them. You can make it extra special by remembering dates special to them; like an anniversary or birthday.

Be clear on your charges

Whenever you are engaging a client on a project, you should maintain transparency about all the fees you charge. Clients are always looking for frank responses, especially on matters related to finances. No one wants to feel that they have been ripped off. So, when cost related questions arise, you should be ready to offer a detailed breakdown of all the charges. On top of this, you should make sure you review and capture the most important issues that the client raised in your quotes. If they can see that you are more concerned about offering value for money than your profit, they will be happy to pay any reasonable fee.

Treat them like your boss

By the time clients walk into your office or business premises, they should feel that they are the most special people you have as a business. Actually, they should be because they chose to do business with you instead of going to a competitor. This can be conveyed through small gestures such being enthusiastic in your interaction, smiling, providing drinks while waiting to be served and thanking them for their business.

Be knowledgeable and keep promises

The worst mistake a business can make is to give a commitment they cannot fulfill. If such cases are repeated, customers will not only be annoyed but they will also walk away. Do not oversell more than you can deliver. Besides keeping promises, you should also impress a customer by being knowledgeable about your products or services and how they will solve their problems. If you can answer all their questions before they could ask them, you will delight them

Basically, customers should be treated for who they are; they are the greatest asset of your business. Some of them don't give second chances, so you should ensure that all sections of your business are dedicated to making customers happy. This will put you ahead of your competitors. 

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