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How to Track Your Kids Without Freaking Them Out

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Jul 24, 2017 1:47 AM

With the amount of technology in our children's lives, it is getting increasingly difficult to effectively track them for the purpose of keeping them safe. However, just as general technology has advanced, more high-tech ways of tracking our children has been made available. If you are interested in using technology to keep your children safe from the dangers of the modern world, here are just a few methods that you can use to help ensure your child's safety without scaring them or freaking them out.

Computer Keyloggers

Many parents have the fear that their child may meet someone rather unsavory while spending time on the internet. One way to make sure that this type of thing does not happen is to track what your child is typing. Parents can use a type of software generally known as a keylogger to record everything that your child types while on the computer. With this said, parents can choose to either install keyloggers that their children can see running on the computer or install keyloggers that are generally invisible to the child. These applications allows parents to log their child's keystrokes, but also tracks other useful information like USB information, visited websites, messaging information and also has the ability to take screenshots. Most of these programs allow for the parent to hide the keylogger in a hidden location and only allows keylogger access when a set password is inserted.

SMS Tracker Apps

While a large amount of keylogger exist on the PC platform, a lower amount exists on mobile platforms like iOS and Android. With this said, here is an extensive list if you have the need to subtly track your child's mobile messaging. The best-reviewed app from this list is mSPy. Mspy allows parents to not only log their child's text messages (including messages from third-party messaging apps like Whatsapp), but it also has the capability to track the pictures and videos that the child views. Lastly, one of the most useful features included in the mSpy package is the GPS tracking feature. With this feature, parents are able to track their child's phone's location for as long as the phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Like with computer keyloggers, parents have choices regarding which app to choose, as some only allow for iOS and Android (rather than working on both operating systems), so it would be a great idea to weigh each app's features before spending the money and installing it on your child's device.

All-in-One Apps

Lastly, particular apps exist that include the aforementioned features as well as some other useful features. They keep track of the child's GPS location and messaging habits. One feature that makes this type of platform unique is that they can tell parents if their child is speeding in a car. Essentially, the app uses the GPS functionality in order to determine whether the child is in a car that is going a safe speed or not. The only issue with these all-in-one apps is that certain features do not work on all platforms. For example, the text message logging feature is not available on iOS due to Apple's closed operating system.

The three previously mentioned ways of tracking your child without them knowing or without them freaking out offer a variety of different methods and levels of subtlety when tracking various elements of the child's digital life. There is no doubt that at least one of the options will work for you and your child. Your job as a parent is to keep your children safe, a digital tracking will no doubt help you in that venture!

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