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How Technology is Changing Today's Homes

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Jul 18, 2017 11:25 PM

As technology advances, so do our lives. Whether checking up on security footage or watering plants in the garden, technology is changing what it takes to manage a household and stay safe in today's world. Daily life is rapidly becoming safer, convenient and connected with smart home technology.


One of the most obvious benefits of smart technology is the quick boost to security that everyone in the home can enjoy. From smoke detectors to doorbells with live video, there are plenty of helpful products to choose from. It is simply much easier to stay on top of home security when you can access information from your smartphone at any time. Whether you're on vacation or living your day-to-day life, today's tech is ultimately invaluable to any security-conscious homeowner. By using smart technology safely, homeowners can make the most of today's advances in tech.


Technology is rapidly redefining what we expect as a basic necessity in the home and in public spaces as well. From instant streaming movies to live video with another person across the globe, technology simply makes life more convenient. When it comes to your basic home and apartment needs, technology promises a wide selection of products and big changes to daily life.

If you've ever rushed to answer the door from the shower or entered your dark home alone late at night, you'll understand the benefits of today's technology. Smart doorbells are the perfect example of futuristic technology in the home. 2-way audio, live video, and an easy-to-use smartphone app make most smart doorbells on the market a great choice for any home. You can easily answer the doorbell without opening the door or even getting up, so you can be both comfortable and secure in your home. Additionally, installing a smart doorbell is an easy way to deter potential burglars, as you'll have no problems answering the doorbell while you're out of the house. With a smartphone and an internet connection, it's easier to convince visitors that the house isn't empty at all.

Likewise, installing a smart lighting system is a surefire way to save money through eco-friendly lighting schedules and even make it look like you're still in you're home while on vacation. By automating the lights, homeowners will have a much more convenient time controlling their environment from a smartphone. Unlike the clap on, clap off trend of the 1980s, this in-home technology promises to be much sleeker and more attractive.


Whether you're concerned about the family pet or want to check up on security while away, technology has done wonders for keeping people connected. With smart home technology, home owners no longer need to rely solely on a single security company or house-sitter. Instead, it's possible to look through home security cameras, monitor the temperature, and even check up on the pets simply through the use of a smartphone.

With every device in the home connected to the internet, the user can access information in real time, no matter the distance. Whether you'd like to turn on the lights before you go home or simply double check your carbon monoxide detector, smart technology makes it possible to stay connected across the globe.

The Family Pet

Smart technology may have plenty of serious applications, but it also comes in handy for anyone who owns a pet. A smart camera is no substitute for a pet sitter, but it does make it easier to know if your dog barks loudly and annoys the neighbors while you're away. Additionally, some smart pet cameras offer live, 2-way communication between you and your pet, so you can easily tell Fido "Good boy!" if you want to let him know you love him while you're out. All in all, each of these technologies is sure to change the way we approach life and security every single day.


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