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How to keep yourself in top shape

Written by Erik Larson, Community Blogger | Jun 20, 2017 3:44 PM

Whether you're a college student or retiree, keeping yourself in top shape should be a priority. Both your mental and physical well-being contribute to a long lifespan as you enjoy the best that life can bring. Take a look at these basic tips that can keep you on track to a better looking and feeling body. 

Portion Your Meals 

The food that you consume plays a major role in your health. Although it's definitely important to pick healthy foods, it's also critical to serve yourself the proper portions. Visualize an empty, dinner plate. One-quarter of the plate can be reserved for your protein or meat, which should equal about a deck of cards. Your remaining portion sizes take up the plate in quarter sizes too. Fruits, vegetables and carbohydrates round out a well-portioned plate. 

Be aware of the volume that you eat too. Eating four cups of spaghetti will have a much higher calorie count than a standard, one-cup meal. Eating in small amounts reduces your weight and keeps you healthy. 

Prioritize Exercise 

Get yourself moving with daily exercise. Most experts agree that 3.5 hours of activity each week is sufficient for a healthy body. You don't have to package the workout into a long session either. Spread out the exercise so that you're only performing it for 10 minutes at a time. Frequent exercising at a moderate level is all that's necessary. 

Pick activities that excite you because they'll motivate you to continue on with the exercise. Dancing, swimming and jogging are all activities that raise your heartbeat and exercise your cardiovascular system. Don't forget to add in resistance training too. Lifting small weights gives you strong muscles that burn calories between aerobic activities. 

Moderate Your Vices 

Be honest with your habits because no one has a perfect diet or workout schedule. It's normal to have a bad day where you eat a high-calorie dinner and forget to exercise. You might have an alcoholic drink too. Nearly everything in moderation is normal. Simply don't make a habit of excessive drinking or eating. Moderating your vices prevents them from becoming major issues in your life. Recognize that you had a bad day, and allow that fact to motivate you to be healthy tomorrow. 

Take Care of Your Skin 

Your skin is the largest organ in the body so taking care of it at any age is imperative. Drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin from the inside. Also look for replenishing serums that can perk up your skin tone. Staying out of the sun is also a consideration. Ideally, stay in the shade during the hottest part of the day. Wear sunscreen when you must be out too. Picking and scratching at your skin is also a bad habit. Stay in top shape by visiting a doctor that can evaluate your skin for any anomalies. A dermatologist pinpoints lesions and tumors with one glance. 

Keep up With Mental Health 

Being healthy isn't just about low, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers. Your mental health must also be a consideration. Talk to a professional if you feel concerned about certain personal issues. Everyone needs to discuss their emotions in order to deal with them in a healthy way. Keep positive role models around you so that life is an uplifting experience with each passing day. A friend or relative might be your role model so plan daily or weekly excursions with them. You'll feel better about yourself, which translates to a long and happy lifetime. 

Sleep Deeply 

Sleep is your greatest tool for a healthy life. Ideally, sleep between seven and nine hours a night. Create a sleep routine that works for your schedule. If your schedule is too erratic, you won't experience the quality sleep that you need. Sleep triggers your body's hormones to send out substances that heal tissues. You awaken with a strong body that's ready for the day's challenges. Lack of sleep causes you to make mental mistakes, including poor dietary choices. 

Ideally, exercise with a loved one so that you can feel motivated. A workout pal actually challenges your mind to keep on going with each exercise. With just a few changes to your daily routine, a tip-top shape can be yours.

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