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Simple Calorie Slashers

Written by Emilie Smetak, Community blogger | Jul 17, 2012 3:49 PM

A few months back, I wrote an article naming easy food substitutions for ingredients typically found in desserts. And although slashing calories in desserts is a great start, similar substitutions can be made in your diet, which will provide daily benefits and add up to lifetime results. Once again, all five of these alterations are easy, so long as you maintain a health conscious mindset. 

The first substitution is swapping mayonnaise with mustard. This replacement alone can save about one hundred calories and a significant 11.8 grams of fat. Plain yellow mustard can be purchased which contains zero regular and fat calories, further decreasing your total consumed calories. All types of mustard also aid in speeding up a person's metabolism.

An ingredient exchange not commonly thought of is switching sour cream for regular yogurt. This not only saves calories, but the two ingredients taste surprisingly similar. Substituting two tablespoons of yogurt saves forty calories and five grams of fat.

Everybody knows that cheese is one of the most fattening types of food, but there are healthy alternatives for dairy products as well. One ounce of grated cheddar cheese contains about one hundred and fifteen calories and nine fat calories. But substituting two teaspoons of grated Parmesan cheese saves approximately seventy five calories and six fat calories.

Salad dressing is also one of those ingredients that turn a typically healthy food into a not so healthy dish. Typically one tablespoon of Italian salad dressing contains fifty calories, but depending on the brand, this number can increase to one hundred. The total fat is about eleven grams. But salads can get even healthier by substituting the dressing for lemon juice, which has nine calories and 0.08 grams of fat.

The last replacement is to exchange cream cheese for jelly. One ounce of plain cream cheese has approximately one hundred calories, eighty of which are fat calories. One tablespoon of grape jelly can save sixty calories and eliminate the fat calories all together.

All of the food substitutions previously listed are not only calorie slashers, but also extremely easy to follow! Being conscious to these alternations can save you countless calories and steer you in the proper direction for a healthier lifestyle.

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