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Scrumptious Homemade Pizza

Written by Emilie Smetak, Community blogger | Jul 5, 2012 11:35 PM

I love cooking. That is after I have searched and searched for the right recipe in hundreds of cook books and have already purchased all the needed ingredients. But for the first time today, I stepped outside the box and did something a little different—I made my first meal with no recipe and no stop at the local grocery store. In this article, I share my recipe for a pepper and ham pizza, which turned out to be not only easy, but also scrumptious.

The first step of this recipe involves making the crust. For this step, I used the box of Pillsbury Pie Crusts, which were lying forgotten in the far corner of the refrigerator. I cut the crust in a rectangular shape, then outline the edge of the rectangle with the excess crust. Using a fork, I poked holes in the crust before setting in on a regular baking pan and putting it into the oven at 450 degree. I left the crust in the oven for approximately 7 minutes, which is about how long it takes for it to take on a light brown color.

While waiting for the crust, I took a medium pepper and finely chopped it. I also found two pieces of honey flavored ham (the kind you use for lunch meat) and tore it into small pieces. Turning the stove on medium heat and drizzling the bottom of a large skillet in olive oil, I sautéed the peppers and ham for approximately ten minutes.

After taking the crust out of the oven, I let it cool, before generously coating it with spaghetti sauce. I cut about three slices of provolone cheese (the kind you use for sandwiches) into small pieces and layered them over the sauce. Then, I sprinkled a handful of feta cheese, along with the peppers, ham and a hint of salt and pepper over top. I finished by putting the entire pizza back in the oven for approximately seven minutes.

Being nothing more then an experiment, I didn't plan on this recipe tasting "blog worthy," but after the first bite I discovered I was wrong. My entire family liked it and we ended up ditching the idea about going out to eat and instead had this pizza for dinner. I hope you continue to experiment and build off this recipe and in turn, like it as much as my family does!

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