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The Kettlebell Revolution

Written by Emilie Smetak, Community blogger | May 21, 2012 9:21 PM

The Kettlebell is literally revolutionizing the fitness community. Studies have shown that most cardio workout machines, like the elliptical and treadmill, focus solely on leg movement, while avoiding the buildup of the core and arms. To receive a well- rounded workout, gym goers either have to allot additional time for weight lifting or go without. Even then after several months of following the same routine, the body quickly adapts to the workout, lessening its productivity. If used to its fullest potential, however, the Kettlebell can combine cardio and muscle strengthening in the same workout. This not only reduces the time spent exercising, but also cuts calories.

The Kettlebell serves as a multipurpose devise, improving the user's strength, endurance and flexibility. Some even use it for therapy. There are virtually hundreds of Kettlebell exercises, making the possibilities endless. Since the Kettlebell offers such a diversity, almost every part of the body is engaged in the workout. The myriad of different exercise techniques prevents the muscles from adapting to the workout and therefore becoming ineffective. Common Kettlebell workouts involve swinging the bell in different motions or doing squats, while holding the bell as a weight. Jumping jacks are recommended between reps to keep the heart pumping.

Kettlebells can be purchased in any store with a workout department. The cost ranges from anywhere between twenty to one hundred dollars, though the lower priced ones are equally effective. Aside from quality, the price is usually determined by weight, with the heavier ones being more expensive. Some Kettlebells are sold in packages containing lesson DVDs and exercise manuals. More exercise ideas can be found online. That being said, it is paramount to thoroughly surf the web beforehand to ensure that you are using the Kettlebell properly and getting the most out of your workout.

Remember that once you buy the Kettlebell, you can play around with it. Experiment with what routines work best, exercise on your own time table and be prepared to sweat! Like no other exercise devise, the Kettlebell promises to zap your body into the best shape you have experienced yet.

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