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Jell-O Dessert

Written by Emilie Smetak, Community blogger | May 23, 2012 12:41 AM

Last weekend, I attended an end-of-the-season volleyball picnic for my travel team. The sun was scorching hot, fierce volleyball competitions raged on the grass court, hot dogs sizzled on the grill, the pool cover was removed, and all in attendance were getting a little pre-season tan. Summer was undeniably in the air. The whole day served as a much needed reminder that camping trips, picnics, and outdoor excursions are right around the corner. And what's a party without a little "icing on the cake?" This summer sweet takes the typical picnic treats, like brownies and Rice-Krispies, to the next level. Needing minimal preparation time and not requiring the use of the oven, Jell-O Dessert' captures the light, refreshing flavors of summer, while bursting with wonderful tastes and textures.

'Jell-O Dessert' is my personal all-time favorite. It was named by my great aunt, who can be credited with creating the recipe. The directions are as follows:

1. Prepare one large box of strawberry Jell-O and pour it into a cake pan. Let the Jell-O set before adding one can of crushed pineapple (without the juice), three sliced bananas, and one bag of mini mashmellows. This mixture will not be used until step number four.

2. In a large sauce pan, mix two tablespoons of flour, one-half cup of sugar, the leftover pineapple juice, and one egg. Stir the ingredients together then cook till boiling.

3. After removing the pan from the stove, add a small package of cream cheese. Allow the mixture to cool before mixing in a large container of cool whip.

4. After thoroughly stirring, spread the icing on top of the Jell-O.

5. Refrigerate for one hour before serving.

Many alterations can be made to this recipe. In the past, I substituted the strawberry Jell-O with orange Jell-O and the pineapple and bananas for mandarin oranges. If you experiment with other combinations, please let me know. I hope you enjoy this delicious summertime sweet!

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