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Stuff again...

Written by Linda Chavey, Community blogger | May 16, 2013 7:42 AM

Who needs more stuff? Just think for a moment how much stuff you have bought and still use. Do you have a lot of this "stuff" sitting in your house that is never used? 

Time to analyze the spending process as to "needs". If you need it, buy it; if you don't "need" it, don't buy it. This will save you headaches, give you more money in your pocket and will reduce the amount of stress in your life. 

If you are telling yourself that you will never get out of debt, change your thinking pattern. Anything is possible if you make a decision, concentrate on a goal and dedicate yourself. 

Do not believe salesmen either...they will tell you anything to get you to buy. They do not have a job if they don't sell. Research what you need and buy the best quality for the least amount of money. 

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