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Linda Chavey writes about how to change your lifestyle habits in order to eliminate debt.

Greed and lavish spending habits has an enormous potential to cause drastic financial problems.

Written by Linda Chavey, Community blogger | Oct 23, 2012 9:15 AM

What an interesting story! This couple could have done so much more with their "winnings". If the man had lung problems from a job that he held, I would think he would keep this money for health reasons. This story  shows how greed can consume the mind and it is very important not to let greed take over our moral values.

Here is another article: (the last sentence speaks of the reality of what they should have done with the $20 million judgement that they won in their lawsuit)

This particular story may seem extreme but it is a real-life scenario of people that have have wasted a huge amount of money that could have been saved for more useful purposes. We can learn from others mistakes, even if we will never win such a settlement. Financial well-being is a must! 

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