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Welcome to my Debt Blog!

Written by Linda Chavey, Community blogger | Jul 18, 2012 3:04 AM


Welcome to the Debt Elimination and Lifestyle Change blog! I have a deep desire to rid my world of all debt and live a simpler, healthier lifestyle. Debt creates enormous stress and we could all use a break. A break that lasts for a lifetime. 

Many of my friends are relatives who have retired have lived within their means. They are living a comfortable retirement and are still living the lifestyle they lived when they were working. You can too. Nothing is impossible if discipline and a healthy attitude are created. We all work hard and deserve a good, solid retirement.

A work colleague said that she deserved to eat out for lunch everyday. She worked hard and deserved that $7-8 lunch. i say she deserves it too but should bring it from home. My belief is she deserves to retire so should be doing something for herself instead. That same $7 invested over time will yield more significant results than the lunch she ate that she will not remember a year from now.

I do believe the feeling of entitlement has become a staple in our lives. It is poison. We need to rid our minds of this destructive attitude. We are all worth it but we need to change behavior and thought patterns.  

Achieving goals through debt-reduction is an daunting task but every good goal we have will rarely be achieved going down the easy road. Discipline and perseverance are the key to achieving these goals. Anyone can do it! Nothing is impossible. 

Living debt-free does not mean you do not have a good life, filled with fun and enjoyment. It does not mean you cannot travel and see new things. Priorities are the key.

I will be posting thoughts on debt elimination, lifestyle change and behavior modification. If a true debt-free lifestyle is desired, it can be accomplished! 

Linda Chavey

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