Family Guide Day 4: Helping Friends

Written by Debbie Riek, WITF Education Director | Feb 21, 2018 4:46 PM
Family Guide Day 4: Helping Friends

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Episodes airing March 1:

Friends Help Each Other
Daniel spends the day at Katerina Kittycat's house. Katerina is excited to show Daniel a birthday tea-party she set up all by herself for her stuffed animals! Katerina accidentally knocks the tea set on the floor, and is very upset that she ruined the party. Luckily, Daniel is a helpful friend and they reassemble the party together.
Daniel Helps O Tell a Story
O the Owl wants to show Daniel all his books. The boys choose a very special book about dinosaurs, but they realize that the last page of the story is missing! O gets very flustered, but Daniel is a good friend and uses his imagination to make up the end of the story.
What does it mean to be a good friend? Children learn about being good friends through practice.
  1. Play a game and take turns. Be patient. Sometimes learning to take turns is hard work.
  2. Make a card for a friend and mail it to their house. You can work together to draw pictures and thank them for being a great friend.
  3. Create a book together just like Daniel does by drawing pictures and helping to record your child's story. You can also use pictures cut out from a magazine. Staple the pages together and enjoy reading the book you made.

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