Spanish Immersion

Written by Debbie Riek, Education Coordinator | Nov 5, 2010 2:35 PM

Additionally, in our increasingly diverse and ever-shrinking world, we wonder if a second language might be beneficial to English-speaking children as well. Is waiting until middle or high school to introduce another language the best way to help English-speaking children become bi-lingual?

In the School District of the City of York, Spanish Immersion classes are bright pockets where collaboration between teachers, families, administration, and children is working to equip both English and non-English speaking students to be successful and learn from each other.

VIEW: Slideshow of visit to the classroom:

LISTEN: Deborah Hioutis, the Assistant to the Director of Special Programs
discusses what responsibilities school districts have in regards
to determining a student's immigration status:

LISTEN: Hioutis challenges a common stereotype of illegal immigrants

LISTEN: Hioutis clarifies the similarities in what all students want:

WATCH VIDEO: Sandra Quinones-Hemphill, the School District of the City of York's
Director of Special Programs, discusses the Spanish Immersion Program
as we visit teacher Lillian Abreu's classroom:

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