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After years of dealing with well-meaning relatives and restaurants with no veggie-friendly options but salad and gigantic Portobello mushrooms, Rebecca is excited to share her hard-won recipes, nutrition tips and restaurant dining advice with both fellow herbivorous and omnivorous Central PAers alike.

Eating Vegetarian with More Smoothies

Written by Becky Cecala, Community blogger | Jul 16, 2014 10:26 AM

Recovering from a recent tooth extraction and course of antibiotics, I'm adding yogurt to just about any soft-textured meal that I can think of.  Hence, more smoothies.

One of my favorite summer fruits is the avocado, so this is a great time to try an avocado smoothie. There are many good-looking recipes online:  Huffington Post has an article from April with 11 recipe suggestions, one of which is a Martha Stewart version with mango and chia seeds; and not surprisingly, Avocado Central has smoothie recipes accompanied by convenient nutrient/serving information.

I tried a simple version available at All Recipes and added a small ripe banana for some extra thickness.  It's delicious and also rather filling.

Avocado Smoothie.jpg

Photo by Becky Cecala

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