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After years of dealing with well-meaning relatives and restaurants with no veggie-friendly options but salad and gigantic Portobello mushrooms, Rebecca is excited to share her hard-won recipes, nutrition tips and restaurant dining advice with both fellow herbivorous and omnivorous Central PAers alike.

Eating vegetarian - with lentils!

Written by Becky Cecala, Community blogger | Oct 19, 2012 1:48 PM

Sorry I've been gone for so long - school got in the way of blogging for a while, but not of eating vegetarian!

I love making something warm and hearty for dinner once it begins to get cooler in the autumn, and I'd been meaning to try some new lentil loaf recipes for ages.  The one I found here is really quick to make, moist, and delicious.  And also, it's vegan!

Moistened flaxseed meal, instead of eggs, is used to hold the loaf together.  I haven't kept flaxseed meal in my fridge as a rule, but it's come it quite handy for more occasions than this recipe.  It's also an excellent way to thicken and nutritionally enhance a bowl of oatmeal, for example.  I purchased Bob's Red Mill flaxseed meal at Giant.

The recipe calls for ketchup as a topping, but an alternative is some heated pasta sauce, which is quite tasty.  Another addition I've made is about 1-2 T of grated parmesan cheese, mixed in before baking.

Happy Autumn!

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