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Meal Plan: Week Two, Day One

Written by Kristi Ondo, Community blogger | Oct 15, 2012 6:42 PM

Meh.  Week two has not gotten off to a rousing start in this house, not bad, but not exciting either.  The meal was called Roasted Salmon, Broccoli, and Potatoes with Miso Sauce.  First, the broccoli and potatoes were roasted, but the salmon was sauteed...false advertising.  Reviewers on real simple's site complained about the broccoli being burned before the potatoes were finished cooking, suggesting the potatoes and broccoli should be separated rather than on the same baking sheet.  I can report that we did not have that problem, but there were some delightfully crispy broccoli bits.  Second, we had a problem with the miso sauce.  It tasted to us like a "funky Hefewiezen" (my husband's words).  We did not feed any to our daughter, and Mark doused his salmon with sriracha while I piled on the sambal oelek.  Maria contented herself with scraping off the offending sauce.   We are salmon fans in this house normally, and the broccoli and potatoes were tasty.  So I plan on making the dish again, but with a champagne mustard vinegrette sauce for the entire dish, and just lose the miso, rice vinegar, and replace the corn oil with our trusty olive oil.


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