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Meal Plan: Week One, Day Four

Written by Kristi Ondo, Community blogger | Oct 11, 2012 7:17 PM
Tuna Fennel Bean Salad Ingredients.jpg

Tonight's entry will be brief.  One, because it was a brief meal.  Two, I was not home to make the dinner, Hubby stepped in as I had a late night at work.  However, I can say that the Tuna, Fennel, and Bean Salad was YUM.  Mark (aforementioned Hubby) reports that it was truly "real simple" to make, easily thrown together.  He said their prep/total time listed was accurate, it took about 15 minutes.  We use Henry & Lisa's tuna, which is just so tasty.  I keep a can or two in the house at all times, especially for one of my go to meals. The fresh ingredients were very easy to find while grocery shopping for the week, and the dressing was simple and delicious.  I love the fresh, bright dressings made with just (1/4 cup) olive oil, (3 tablespoons) fresh lemon juice, kosher salt, and fresh ground pepper.  I got points for working late on the eve of such an easy meal to prepare.

Tuna Fennel Salad Finished.jpg

Everyone in the house enjoyed it, the flavors were all good, but not over powering.  They even saved a serving for the hard working Mama and it was much appreciated. 

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