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We Interrupt this Blog...

Written by Kristi Ondo, Community blogger | Sep 26, 2012 1:38 PM

I said when I started this blog on witf that I would stick mostly with cooking, that at times we might share something else our family had "cooked up."  Our latest adventure will, among many other things, expand our recipe trove.  Completely out of the blue, and with very little advance planning, we agreed to take in an international exchange student who was without a permanent housing solution for this school year.  My personal feelings on the questionable practices of the company that brought her here aside, you must agree that a 15 year old girl in a new country, knowing no one, and without housing to stay, is heartbreaking.  Seriously.  The company informed her that if she (and they) were not able to find housing, she would have to return to Brazil.  Through the luck of where I work, I heard about her plight.  Therefore, the three of us talked it over and agreed that having an even foursome for the year might be fun!  We had one week to prepare, and then our teenager joined us this past Monday.  Three days in and we are sure we made the right choice.  She is extremely intelligent, respectful, and very sweet.  She came to this country to learn more about American culture, to experience an American private school, and to continue her studies.  We hope to be able to share as much as possible, especially from around the Central PA region.  Any suggestions, tips, ideas, are welcome!  After what sounds like a rocky start to her time here, we really want to make sure the rest of her time in the Harrisburg area and the United States is rich and full! 

Stay tuned for the return to our regular programming, with the addition of new recipes and maybe a guest blog or two from our new friend from Brazil!

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