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See Blackmore's Night at the Whitaker Center

Written by WITF | Oct 19, 2016 10:28 AM


Enter to win two FREE tickets to see Blackmore's Night - Sat, October 29, 2016 at 8PM at the Whitaker Center.


WITF is partnering with the SLP Concerts to promote Blackmore's Night!

Contest ends October 26.

Tickets:  $59.50 / $49.50 / $39.50

Blackmore's Night is an English-American traditional folk rock group featuring Ritchie Blackmore, Candice Night, Earl Grey of Chimay, Bard David of Larchmont,The Scarlett Fiddler, Lady Lynn, and Troubadour of Aberdeen


When Night was working at a local New York rock music radio station, she was once Rainbow fan so first encountered Blackmore to ask him for an autograph. The two started living together in 1991. Both shared a passionate interest in Renaissance music.

During the reformed Rainbow's recording the album Stranger in Us All in 1995, on which Night contributed some of the lyrics and backing harmony vocals, the duo were already gearing up their debut album. Night's personality and singing ability made her the natural choice as frontwoman. In 1997 the project started as being a pun of their own names, which would consist of themselves plus session musicians.

1997 to 2005

Their debut album Shadow of the Moon was a musical success. In subsequent albums, particularly Fires at Midnight, there was an increased incorporation of rock guitar into the music, whilst maintaining a folk rock direction. Over time, Night has increasingly participated instrumentally as well as singing the vocals, and is competent in a wide variety of Renaissance instruments.
The group performs internationally, mainly in historical venues including castles theaters and opera houses for an audience dressed largely in period costume. 

They have also performed the music for MagiQuest, a live simulation game located internationally.

In 2006, Night performed a duet with Andi Deris on Helloween's "Light the Universe", which was released as a single in certain countries and is available on their album Keeper of the Seven Keys: The Legacy, released in the same year.

On June 27, 2008, the duo released its seventh studio album called Secret Voyage which entered at #1 on the Billboard New Age charts. 
In 2010 They released Autumn Sky which was named for their newborn daughter Autumn. The subsequent release in 2012 was Dancer and the Moon. 
2014 found the band rereleasing Winter Carols with new remixes and a private performance at Minstrel Hall.



Contest ends October 26.


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