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When You Turn 65, Will You Be Financially Ready?

Written by WITF Staff | Oct 3, 2016 2:47 PM

Planning for a Happy Retirement

Do you think of retirement as a distant or even nonexistent phase in your future? The reality is that retirement will come and the money you save now for retirement is your future paycheck. The need to save and invest applies to all generations and all career fields. 

The new public television documentary When I'm 65  explores how our financial and lifestyle choices today affect the whole of our lives. It is a generational look at the opportunities and obstacles that lie before us.

Join WITF for a special When I'm 65  preview screening and panel discussion on Tuesday, October 25 from 6-8pm at the WITF Public Media Center in Harrisburg. WITF's Smart Talk host Scott LaMar will host and moderate a lively discussion with financial experts. Topics will include 

  • How should working adults plan and save? 
  • What can parents do to inspire children entering the workforce to save and think about the power of compound interest? It builds over a long period of time and ends up a nice chunk of change! 
  • How do we protect seniors from financial scams and fraud? 
  • Plus investor education and protection tools and resources, and more! 

Take control of your retirement planning and saving strategies. Register for this FREE sneak preview and panel discussion today. 

About When I'm 65

65. Whether it's far off or right around the corner, building a secure retirement is a concern for every American.With increasing healthcare costs, pension cuts, and the fate of social security in question, many are left to figure out and fund retirement on their own. But help is on the way. New from Detroit Public Television, it's When I'm 65. When I'm 65 gives gloss-free explanations of how the times and timing, even our own psychology, affect us all and offers can-do action plans to answer the questions posed by Baby Boomers, Gen Xers, and Millennials alike. The retirement landscape is changing. When I'm 65 is a guide to help navigate it, no matter what your picture of retirement may be. Narrated by David Brancaccio of American Public Media's Marketplace. Watch the full documentary premiere on WITF-TV Sunday, October 30 at 6pm.

When I'm 65 is funded by a grant from the Investor Protection Trust. The Trust is a nonprofit organization devoted to investor education. Since 1993 IPT has worked with the States to provide the independent, objective investor education needed by all Americans to make informed investment decisions. This program is also made possible by the nonprofit Investor Protection Institute.

The program is also supported regionally by Warwick Woodlands...a moravian manor community.


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