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Living in Poverty's Grip-Join the Conversation on June 22

Written by Heather Woolridge, WITF | May 13, 2016 10:25 AM

WITF will host a free community forum on Wednesday, June  22, 2016 from 6-8pm at the WITF Public Media Center in Harrisburg. The forum will focus on the complex issue of poverty in Pennsylvania--from its root causes and effects on communities, to how poverty impacts families, children and much more. Hear from people living in poverty's grip and community activists working to close the gap between poor and wealthy. The keynote speaker for this event is Roy Wade, Jr. M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., ain instructor pediatrics at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, whose research focuses on the intersection between poverty, adversity, and child well-being.

The event is part of WITF's ongoing Chasing the Dream coverage and is supported through grants from the JPB Foundation and Ford Foundation, with additional local support from Capital Area Intermediate Unit, Community First Fund, Lancaster Lebanon Habitat for Humanity & ReStore and Tri County Community Action.  

The forum will feature select clips from WITF's Chasing the Dream coverage. Smart Talk Host & Executive Producer Scott LaMar will moderate a talk back session with panel experts and take questions/comments from the audience. We'll provide perspective on:

Where is poverty in Pennsylvania?  Poverty can be found in rural, urban and even suburban areas of Pennsylvania.  Does poverty differ and what factors lead to those differences?  

How does poverty limit those living in it?  For many poor people, poverty is the one constant in their lives.  Poverty impacts the health, education, and safety and security of everyone living in it.  It feels like something that can't be escaped.  How can poor people get healthy food if there isn't a grocery store nearby? Why do schools located in high poverty areas seem to get the fewest resources? Why are so many crimes committed against poor people? 

Escape from poverty?  What works to help poor people live better lives and get out of poverty?  Are there successful government programs, new investment that bring jobs, strong families that are determined, educational programs, or something as simple as neighborhood clean ups?  What has not been successful?

Throughout May and June, Chasing the Dream, WITF's multi-platform initiative on poverty, income inequality, and opportunity, takes an unprecedented look at this issue across multiple platforms including, WITF TV, WITF 89.5 & 93.3, witf.org and Keystone Crossroads. Each week WITF will air segments that explore root causes, housing, poverty's impact on children and more.

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