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Capturing a winning spirit

Written by witf.org, | Aug 17, 2014 1:32 PM

At family gatherings, Joscephus Wallace was always "the guy with the camera." Growing up in Steelton, he developed an early interest in photography when his grandmother gave him a Polaroid camera. To him, the self-developing pictures it took were a kind of magic. He graduated to other cameras and better- grade equipment as his experience grew. His preference has been for the candid shot rather than the posed. He said he loves capturing moments that reveal something deeper about the person and the situation.

When he became an assistant coach at Steelton-Highspire School District, Wallace brought his photography experience to the games. He speaks with satisfaction about capturing the expression on a player's face while scoring a touchdown or catching a pass. These are moments, he says, that the TV cannot fully show. He has a series of photos documenting the story of prizewinning seasons for teams he helped coach.


Wallace's interest in photography has branched out to include wildlife, landscapes, flowers and architecture. He is an employee at WITF, and freelance photography is a sideline for him. He says he makes it a discipline to take at least one artistic picture every day. He presents the first exhibit of his photos in the Lowengard Atrium at the WITF Public Media Center from Aug. 18 through Oct 17. The exhibit is available for viewing during normal business hours.

WITF Public Media Center 
4801 Lindle Road 
Harrisburg, PA 17111


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