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After job loss, artist took creative turn

Written by witf.org, | May 7, 2013 10:39 AM

When he lost his job as an IT consultant in software development, Art Straub of Harrisburg decided to set a challenge for himself. He had a background doing photojournalism, but never had time to develop the artistic side of taking photos. With time on his hands, he decided that he would give himself the challenge of taking one creative photo every day for a year and posting it on the Web.

He found that the process made him start looking at things differently. “When you’re looking for a picture, you start looking deeper into the world around you,” Straub said. He also benefited from the exercise and lost weight.


That year provided his education in creating artistic photographs centered mainly on nature themes. He learned not only aspects of taking the photos, but he became deeply involved in the post-production process of manipulating the images in a variety of ways.

As his photos grew consistently better, his friends began to encourage him to consider creating an exhibit of his work. The first solo exhibit of his nature photography will be in the Lowengard Atrium at the witf Public Media Center from May 9 to July 9.

Straub has a new IT consulting job now, doing what he did on a larger scale with a national company. But without the yearlong opportunity to explore his photography, Straub said he never would have had the creative energy to develop his art.

Below you can hear our Arts&Culture feature with Art Straub:

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