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10 years, 10 days, 10 views on 9/11

Written by Zane Sebasovich | Sep 1, 2011 10:31 AM

Ten years ago the United States experienced a devastating terrorist attack that changed the world it once knew. America’s social, as well as economic, environment changed in just a few hours. What followed was a tidal-wave of uncertainty.

On this September 11th, ten years will have passed since the attack on America. Although we have seen changes made to heal our society… witf is asking how we, as a people, have changed to heal ourselves.

Over the next 10 days witf will be asking you, our Central PA neighbors, to share how you’ve changed. We want to know how our community now views government, society and faith… in our nation and in ourselves.

Tomorrow, we’ll start off the somber remembrance with a personal reflection on the past ten years. How have you or your family’s lives changed since that day in September? There are no wrong answers, just your honest participation and connection to your community.

In the days following, witf will ask a series of more specific questions, which will be posted on our website. These questions are to be answered openly and honestly. The following are the topics that will be presented up to and on September 11th, 2011: education, faith, media, government, travel, diversity, security and worldview.

America will continue to change as its wounds from September 11th continue to heal. The citizens that make up this country will always bend and flex, ideals will always be challenged but hope in a brighter tomorrow will always shine.

Starting September 2, witf is asking our neighbors to share their views to help heal our community. Please join the discussion of reflection. Your input helps all of us know that we are not alone and more importantly that we are still a nation that supports each other. We will never forget…that day in September.

You can share your thoughts in stories with us in several ways. Please post them in the comments section of each story, share it on our Facebook wall or Tweet your responses to @witf. We may share some of your input on air.

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