Summertime treats for the tastebuds with Chef Donna Desfor

Written by, | Jun 4, 2014 9:43 AM

We probably change our lifestyles, habits, and our day-to-day lives more in summer than during any other season of the year.

That holds true for mealtime and what we eat and drink too.

Chef Donna Marie Desfor, owner of There's a Chef in my Kitchen, appears on Smart Talk with ideas for picnics, grilling, wines, and other cold refreshing drinks.

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Chef Donna Marie Desfor

As the weather gets warmer and temperatures rise into the high 80's or into the 90s this summer, many of us will prefer to not stand over a hot stove as we prepare our meals.  Light and cool would seem to be in order when it comes to our lunches and dinners.  Chef Desfor has a few suggestions for those type meals.

Whether its steaks, chicken, burgers, or vegetables, the grill will probably be in use much more often as well.  

Chef Desfor always brings fresh, unique ideas to Smart Talk when it comes to trends.  Today she'll address how our tastes have changed.

Recently, Smart Talk host Scott LaMar stopped by Chef Desfor's kitchen to help whip up few recipes. We’ll take you on a tour of Central Market in York, give you helpful tips on how to plant an herb garden. Also included, restauranteur, John J. Jeffries of Lancaster and so much more!

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