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You're a writer!

Written by Kari Larsen, Community blogger | Apr 22, 2012 4:22 PM

"You're a writer! You know, I've written 500 poems. They're all in bags. Somewhere. Oh, darling, I've been through the most horrible things in the world. But you can't tell Americans that. They're used to lots of money and everything being great. And in America you're not supposed to live with your parents." - Edie Beale, Grey Gardens

The literary world might strike one as being too great an expenditure of time and resources to participate in or keep up with - but now, reader, you have the solution to that. I'm going to bring it to you for free. Here in, on, or at - however you prefer to inhabit the internet - witf's Very Literary, links, notices and spotlit gazes will keep you abreast of new writing and goings-on inside small and regional publishing.

To begin, beginnings: you might think that the presence of eReaders, whose ominousness has bloated to include collusive activity, would put a frustrated halt on an atrophying industry, but new publishing efforts are gathering steam from the abundance of talent and zeal that can unite - thanks to the internet - to overcome the sad and the weird. The LA Review of Books just unveiled their grand re-launch that demonstrates their commitment to resuscitating the art of the review in some of the swankest HTML out there. Apt, since last week, the Paris Review had their Spring Revel, where the New York Review of Books - particularly founding editor Robert Silvers - was honored for galvanizing the form in 1963, during a publishing strike. A lot has changed since then of course, as the Awl explored this week in its examination of aspiring writers' New York City rents then and now. A character like Edie Beale might not have the financial clout to tough it out in NYC today, but she might find a fervor for her work on tumblr. We've got the time and space to think about all of that in the coming months of course, we're not running a tab.

Welcome to Very Literary.

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