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Pirate School: A One-Man Family Show

Written by Joe Ulrich, Arts & Culture Desk and WITF Host | Dec 3, 2013 1:06 PM

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David Engel in his one-man show Pirate School coming to the Weis Center on December 4th at 1pm.

From an early age, actor David Engel was introduced to both theater acting and street acting, or the world of the  troubadour. And while he's done some TV, film and theater acting, he found himself increasingly pulled into the life of a traveling one-man family show which he calls Pirate School. It's a variety show of clownish antics, magic, puppetry and full-audience participation.

"I find...that the heart of the clown is just, the character is standing up and is open and available," says David. When he compares the more serious acting he's done to family entertainment, he says the family gig can be more challenging.

"Like a lot of actors I wanted to make some extra money so I decided to approach the hardest audience imaginable: the birthday party...It's an ancient lineage, the clown, the troubadour and it can be connected to the shamans and the storytellers, the truth-tellers. So the kids know when your energy flags, the kids can sense it. And you'll hear about it."

His latest iteration of the show is called "Pirate School: Follow Your Compass" and will be coming to The Weis Center in Lewisburg on Saturday, December 14th from 1-2pm. Find out more by visiting David's website:

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