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Young/Lancaster: A Homegrown Mini-Series

Written by Joe Ulrich, Arts & Culture Desk and WITF Host | Aug 13, 2013 5:00 PM

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 "I was just really intrigued and sort of amused that there were so many young artists like me living in Lancaster doing their crazy, artistic things in Lancaster," says Shawna Stoltzfoos, creator, writer and lead actress for the Lancaster-based mini-series Young/Lancaster. "It's a really interesting thing and it's also a really funny thing. So I thought a comedy show about that would just be interesting."

"It's kind of a satire comedy about being young and an artist and what that's like," says David Moulton, the producer of Young/Lancaster. "[It's] kind of going through your life...not having any money and just struggling to get your creativity out there."

The series consists of six episodes, roughly 15 minutes each, that were shot in Lancaster. Using film equipment from people they knew, the series is a local effort meant to reflect the character of Lancaster in various ways. The lead character is Harriet Byler who embodies what Shawna feels is an aspect of the spirit of Lancaster. "In some ways, to me, being new to Lancaster, it felt like this artsy city that was taking on some new identity in some way," Shawna says. "And that's very Harriet, sort of trying to figure herself out and all she really knows is there are other people around who can sort of help a little bit...Something about that felt very Lancaster to me."

The series also incorporates Lancaster's history into the story line. Shawna spent time in the building pouring over various historical stories and eventually narrowed it down to one for each episode. "It was so hard to narrow it down to six...but I felt like the question I had to ask myself was 'Which history lessons does Harriet really need to hear?'" David adds, "It's kind of cool because at the same time you're seeing that the way people are acting now is very similar if not identical to the way that people were acting in the past."

Young/Lancaster will premier at Zoetropolis August 24th and 25th. For more information check out the series' Facebook page.

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