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Wildwood Park Offers "Art in the Wild"

Written by Cary Burkett, Arts & Culture Desk and WITF Host | Aug 8, 2013 8:33 AM



Wildwood Park in Harrisburg is presenting a series of 9 outdoor art installations spaced along the 3.1 mile trail that encircles the park. The project is called Art in the Wild and will be up through the end of October.

Walking along the trail, one catches a glimpse of Gandalf the Grey peering out from the foliage, his face made of fired clay and his body made from natural materials.  On the brim of his tall wizard hat, sometimes garter snakes stretch out to sun themselves. The piece is a combined effort by Barbara and Christy Cramer, Laurel Fedak, Ernie Gutierrez, and Julia Howett.



Further down the trail, there are a series of wooden moai heads similar to the giant heads found on Easter Island. These are chainsaw carvings, the work of artist Robb Bomboy, an art teacher at Cumberland Valley High School. 


Brook Lauer with her work, "Nesting Roots"


 Still further, a splash of red stands out against the green foliage, and approaching it reveals a series of nest-like structures made from yarn and wood. It’s a piece by artist Brook Lauer which was judged as first place among the nine installations, titled Nesting Roots.

The pieces were all installed in the spring, with the expectation that nature would transform the pieces over the months they are on display. The project was the idea of coordinator Elizabeth Johnson at the park. Jim Caulfield, a member of the board of the Friends of Wildwood says that the project has been so well-received that plans are already in the works to do it again, and another call for artists will go out in September.




Below you can hear our interview feature on the project.

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