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Use Not Provided For: Tellus360 Expands

Written by Joe Ulrich, Arts & Culture Desk and WITF Host | Jul 16, 2013 7:38 AM

"What's really propelled this business this far and what really excited me about getting involved here is that every idea is a good idea until it's tried and turns out to be a bad idea," says Mike McMonagle, the PR person at Tellus360 in Lancaster.

Tellus360 is essentially a retail store that deals in products made in sustainable ways, particularly their wood products which are made from reclaimed wood. They've used old wood to make furniture, guitars and have even done installations at major business like Staples in New York City.


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Their large building on East King Street also houses Gallery360, a contemporary art gallery with original works. Additionally, they began hosting music performances they call Tabletop Sessions in their retail space by clearing away displays and setting up lighting and a PA system. They also added a green rooftop which includes a space for yoga classes that take place there weekly.

If all that was enough, this summer Tellus360 is doing a major expansion.

"The appetite seems to be huge for live music in Lancaster," says Mairtin Lally, the general manager of Tellus360. "House concerts are becoming a really big thing here as well. And then it's just our appetite really; we want to do larger concerts, we want to do larger shows."


Photo by Tellus360

And so they're using the extra space in their building to do a few things. They're constructing a roughly 500-person capacity venue, a smaller venue, a recording studio, a bar as well as moving and expanding both their retail space and Gallery360.

"So the recording studio is directly below the main stage," Lally says. "And there will be a split off the main stage that will allow us to record live shows." Teaming up with Tellus360 to run the studio are Mike Newman and Mike Musser of Sugartank in Lancaster.

 "It just adds more music. More music is better," Lally says. "And the more we can kind of chip in to make that happen, the better.


Photo by Tellus360

"The zoning hearing was a pretty funny thing," says McMonagle. "They're like, 'So you wanna have a liquor license, you want to have a bar, you want to be an event space, you want to be rented out for events, you want to be a retail store and you have a green roof.' Line by line they said each thing individually was ok. I think we ended up with a 'use not provided for' zoning."

"There's really a desire to stretch the ordinary, to rethink how things are done," McMonagle says. "Just because something's done a certain way doesn't mean that's the way it should be done.

Tellus360 is also host to various gatherings including their TableTop Sessions, photography and hooping classes, world food tours, Sunday Suppers, yoga classes on their green rooftop and a number of other events.

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