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At-Risk Youth Present Play About Gun Violence

Written by Cary Burkett, Arts & Culture Desk and WITF Host | Jul 22, 2013 8:09 AM

Barry Kornhauser and M-Uth Theatre Performers


The M-Uth Theatre is pronounced as  “M-Youth” … a play on the initials of Millersville University and the fact that this theatre group is made up of young people.  Barry Kornhauser, Director of Outreach Programs at Millersville,  is the director of the M-Uth productions.

The vision is to bring together disadvantaged and at-risk youth to create theatre based on themes of social justice. The youth involved have many different backgrounds; some have criminal records, some have been victims of abuse, some have physical disabilities, some are refugees, some are homeless. M-Uth is intended to provide them with a safe haven to foster artistic, educational, social and emotional growth.

Currently the group is involved in presenting a play with music titled Pieces. The title in part refers to the slang term for a gun, and the play deals with youth violence against youth.  The core of the play is based on a real-life shooting incident of gang violence in Lancaster. There is also material adapted from a book called Voices from the Future, a collection of oral histories from children who have experienced violence.



 The production has been selected to be showcased at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC as part of the annual national conference of the American Alliance for Theater & Education.

Free performances of Pieces will be presented at the Ware Center from July 24-27. On Friday July 26 the performance is at 1 pm and on Saturday July 27, performances are at 2 and 7 pm.



 Below you can hear our interview and audio feature about the production:

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