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No Pain Too Deep: The Theatre for Transformation

Written by Joe Ulrich, Arts & Culture Desk and WITF Host | Jan 28, 2013 11:41 AM

Founded in 2007 in Lancaster, the Theatre for Transformation was the product of a spiritual and self-exploratory time in Dr. Amanda Kemp's life. "I took myself back to when to when I was like seven years old, in my bed, late at night while everyone else was asleep, and I just felt like I was here to have an impact on the world." And she realized that she was on a mission to heal that planet.


The Theatre for Transformation, based on her experience as a teacher of cultural studies and her background in performance studies, was the vehicle she created to pursue this calling. "All of the work I do is about African Americans, it's all about people who are on the margins, and I'm very excited to know them and to share them with you." She hopes that people carry away the feeling that we're all in this together and that "there's nothing too difficult that can't be overcome or any pain too deep that can't be healed."

Her latest work is titled Emancipation Sweet and will be performed at Neuman University in Chester on February 6th and locally at Millersville University's Ware Center on May 30, June 1 and June 2.

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