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Echo Valley Joint Exhibition at witf

Written by Cary Burkett, Arts & Culture Desk and WITF Host | Jan 3, 2013 10:21 AM

Two artists will be presenting a joint exhibition at the witf Public Media Center.  Carol Galligan and Milt Friedly are both members of the Echo Valley Art Group from Lancaster County. Both artists feel there is a common thread between their work, though they use very different media.

Carol Galligan will be presenting works done in ink and gesso. Gesso is dull white and chalky, normally used as a primer for canvas before painting, but Ms. Galligan uses it as a painting element.  “I like the way it plays with the ink. It isn’t smooth, it has a sort of a life of its own,” she says.  “It’s telling me what it wants or what it is, and I have to accept it. Then I put the ink on it and the ink does its own thing, too. It’s far more exciting than me trying to control it.”

Chinese poetry was the inspiration for Carol Galligan’s artwork. It led her to create a series of images of mountains where many of the Chinese poets and writers lived.  The poetry was a deep spiritual experience for the artist. She fell in love with “the way they could use words and create the images in my head. And I start with the images, and I hope people have their own words. “


Milt Friedly speaks of different kinds of mountains which inspire him. “When I go to the salvage yard and I see big piles of steel or aluminum or whatever, it’s sort of like a small mountain. I think for me there’s about as much beauty in those big piles of junk and scrap as there is in a mountain range.”  

As a youth, Friedly worked on a garbage truck, which may helped give him an eye for seeing beauty where others see only junk. He often takes discarded objects and re-uses them, recycling them into a kind of art known as “found and fabricated assemblage”.  Items and material  such as old ironing boards, barbed wire, shovels, and galvanized pipe have become part of Friedly’s unique sculptures.  One recent work makes use of TV satellite dishes recovered from dumpsters to create a work which he describes as a commentary on our wireless society.  “What we make and what we consume,” he says, “is really part of who we are.  So using those leftover parts and putting them into a new context is certainly commentary on who we are.”

The Joint exhibition will be on display from January 8 through March 7 in the Lowengard Atrium at the witf Public Media Center, 4801 Lindle Road in Harrisburg.

Listen to interviews with Carol Galligan and Milt Friedly:

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