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Madrigal Feast presented by Veritas Academy

Written by Cary Burkett, Arts & Culture Desk and WITF Host | Nov 15, 2012 12:16 PM

Veritas Academy in Lancaster is a K-12 Christian School with a classical education methodology.  The classical model focuses on a three-stage process for the students, a pattern known as the trivium. The early years of school are spent in learning and memorizing facts.  In the middle grades, students develop critical thinking skills by exploring the relationship between the facts and learning how to debate and form their own opinions.  In the senior years, they learn to express themselves, with an emphasis on writing and speech, culminating in a 50-page Senior Thesis that is defended orally in front of a panel of experts.

In the 7th grade students begin a program called the Omnibus, which combines history, theology and literature.  While reading a great work of literature, students also study the history of the times in which it was written, and explore the moral questions raised by the work, comparing it to Christian teachings.



Out of this approach, Veritas has developed a fun evening event based around medieval and renaissance feasting traditions. At the Veritas Madrigal Feast, the students assume the roles of Lords and Ladies of a court, and present a five course dinner with medieval-themed entertainment such as music, dance and a comedy masque.

This year’s Madrigal Feast takes place on Friday, November 30 and Saturday December 1 at St. John’s Episcopal Church at 321 W. Chestnut Street in Lancaster.  The dinners begin at 6 pm, and there is also a children’s matinee at noon on Saturday which offers a box lunch in place of the five-course feast.  Tickets are available at the Veritas Academy at 717-556-0690.

Below you can hear our audio feature on the Madrigal Feast.

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  • Lisa img 2012-11-16 08:44

    Sounds wonderful and I hope everyone has a good time while learning a lot. However, knowing people who have children attending there, I couldn't help but think of the irony in hearing this story followed by an announcement of smarttalk today regarding the supression of women around the world. One need look no further than this school. We looked into sending our children there, but decided against it when told that communications from the administration, especially regarding disciplinary actions or problems with grades, would only be directed to the father. They would not address such concerns to the mother, as their Christian background tells them that is a paternal responsibility. A little to "classical" for me!

  • Ty Fischer img 2012-11-16 17:55

    Lisa, wish you would take another look at the school.

    As Headmaster of Veritas Academy (and the father of four daughters), let me say this: the oppression or mistreatment of women is wrong and out of accord with the Bible.

    We (like the Bible) call husbands to lay down their lives for their wives and children. We communicate excessively with both parents about grades and discipline and while we do have a default setting of calling dad first in very serious discipline matters, we call whoever the family instructs us to call if and when they ask.

    Our last few valedictorians have been girls, and our top three students this year are girls as well. They have plans to go into engineering, medicine or law, and philosophy. They are considering schools like UPenn, Dickinson, UVA, and Bucknell. I would put them up against any student any where any time. I think that you might have taken some things in our school the wrong way. We might not agree on everything, but I can assure I want our girls (and my daugthers) to receive and extraordinary education that prepares them to be strong women. You can contact me through the email on the school website.

    Thanks to WITF for the great piece on the Madrigal.