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Singing Bowls Sound Therapy

Written by Joe Ulrich, Arts & Culture Desk and WITF Host | Oct 2, 2012 2:30 PM

SingingBowls.jpg "It is scientifically proven that every part of your body resonates at a different frequency," says Kathleen Baker. She and Dean Baker are the founders of Lapis Studio in Mechanicsburg, where they employ "singing bowls" to help people find calm and relax. Visitors can experience the bowls via group or individual sessions. Either way, Kathleen says, her job is to find the right sounds to create a soothing experience for each person.


Lapis Studio is holding an event called Sound Immersion at The Growing Lotus Studio in Harrisburg on October 19th. For more information, visit their website


Listen to the feature:

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  • Paul Tucker img 2012-10-05 17:39

    This story played on witf without any critical thinking done about the outlandish claims that were made. Kathleen Baker deftly works the phrase "Scientifically proven" into an early statement about the cells and organs in our body vibrating at a certain frequencies (well everything in the entire universe that is made of matter does). Then she jumps to an assertion that these vibrations can get out of tune or disrupted by electromagnetic fields (which are now and ever have been bombarding us constantly) and then offers to fix this with making some exotic Himalayan bowls hum like a crystal wine glass. I love making wine glasses hum. I have embarrassed my whole family in restaurants by doing this. It is a fun thing to do. But what a jump to sound therapy. This is probably a fairly harmless bit of nonsense but I'm sure they don't do this for free so there is a cost. But you probably have some glasses in your cupboard right now that you could wet your finger and get ringing for free.

    It is hard to believe that this got such an uncritical and positive story from WITF. A public radio station should be applying critical thinking to all of its stories or it could lose its valued position as a trusted source of information. I did call the station and spoke with Joe Ulrich who did the story and I had a nice chat with him. I hope he thinks more about WITF's reputation as a trusted source for factual and well thought out information in the future.