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Tyler Wiechman writes about the challenges the Millennial Generation has overcome and the ones the Millennial Generation still faces.

An Exodus from the Sciences--The problem with higher learning and an academic future

Written by Tyler Wiechman, Community blogger | Oct 16, 2013 2:38 PM

Millennials face many problems.  The struggling economy that still hasn't boosted back, a lack of opportunity, student debt levels that have reached the highest in history, and many other bleak outcomes.  Recent graduates struggle to find a job and thus go back to school.  Many of these students don't realize the bleak outcomes facing post-graduate work without any working experience.  It's a vicious cycle.  Currently over 60% of PhD students are under employed or unemployed.  Many don't get to continue the line of research or work that they dedicated a decade of study to.

For more information on Research Funding and the Millennial Generation:

Its a shame really.  I ask of all of you to do your research before accruing more student debt in a masters program without any employment history in your field.  I beg that you look at all the data before spending years of your life on a PhD dissertation. 

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