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Welcome/What is a Millennial?

Written by Tyler Wiechman, Community blogger | Aug 28, 2013 7:20 PM


For my first post I would like to introduce you to myself, the blog, and some of the various topics that will be covered. I'm looking forward to use research and my experience to bring you the best possible posts about Millennials!

Well, first and foremost, I'm Tyler Wiechman and its nice to meet you. I dwell in the Hershey Area of Central Pennsylvania and have spent my post-college years in biomedical sciences and pharmaceutical business development. For a short biography and ways to contact me please see my About Me page.  And most importantly for this blog, I am a part of the Millennial Generation.

So, I'm sure many of my readers will be Millennials themselves and a majority of posts will be for your benefit. Some will include job finding tips, resources for socializing in a new area, and industry specific facts and figures as you look to turn that fifty thousand dollar piece of paper into a ticket to your dream job. Also, I'll share advice I've received from head-hunters, “adults”, and fellow Millennials that has proven to help me achieve some levels of success. Also, I'll chronicle my journey as a Millennial in the hopes that you'll learn from some of my mistakes and enjoy some of the humor that comes with being a young adult in the early 21st century.

Other posts will be for non-millennials—mostly parents of Millennials. Facts and figures galore as they wonder why their children haven't landed a job yet, as well as some things that will help your children flourish and give them a leg up after academia and in their early career. I've learned a lot of things that both work and don't work from my own family, my friends, and report after report that I will forward to you!

Other than that I look forward to examining the challenges Millennials face in today's economic climate. Providing research and posing questions that we all face will be the backbone of this series, but also stay tuned for more lighthearted posts. These will include changes from the last generation to this throughout the arts, media, science, and a wide-variety of other industries.


So What is a Millennial?

Well, no one gives a definitive answer to that question, but the general consensus seems to be that it is someone born between the early 1980s and early 2000s. Often referred to as Generation Y, is the direct demographic cohort following Generation X. Despite the recent popularity of the term throughout the news and media, both 'Millennial' and 'Generation Y' have been used since the early 1990s to first distinguish between Generation X and the new teenagers of the time. Theory predicted that this generation would be more civic-minded, more environmentally conscious, more education, and more accepting of different races, religions, and cultures. Some predicted that this generation would be far less religious than the previous generation. Many of these predictions have become the overwhelming majority for this generation.

The financial crisis and economic recession of the early-mid 2000s hit this generation particularly hard as job and career opportunities dried up and the costs of college skyrocketed. Despite more and more people to college, this generation also boasts a high drop-out rate from college as well as graduate school. Because of some of these hardships some have coined this generation the 'Peter Pan' Generation or 'Boomerang' Generation because many Millennials put off certain passages to adulthood or prolong them including living with their parents for longer and longer terms, moving back in with their family, marrying later, and even in many cases not marrying or having kids. This generation, even the older branch of the group, prefers renting as opposed to owning in many cases because of the uncertainty of the future, frequent job relocation, and the desire to not be tied down.

Granted, that all being said not every member of Generation-Y matches all of these criteria.

Are you a Millennial?

Do these characteristics match you in some way?

If so please feel free to share your experiences with me via email (found in my About Me Section) and they may get worked into a story if time allows.

Thanks for reading!

Coming Soon:

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  2. A Message to Parents as Your Kids Go Back to School—Let Them Handle It

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