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witf's Scott LaMar voted Readers' Choice Talk Show Host by readers of Harrisburg Magazine

Written by witf | Aug 1, 2013 1:02 PM

We're proud to announce that witf's Scott LaMar was chosen as the Readers' Choice Talk Show Host for 2013 by the readers of Harrisburg Magazine. The magazine has held their Simply the Best poll for 16 years now. You can pick up the August issue of the magazine to see the entire list of this year's winners.

"This is truly an honor because it comes from the readers of Harrisburg Magazine - people who listen to Radio Smart Talk," said Scott LaMar.

Many thanks to all the readers of Harrisburg Magazine for voting us for Scott as your favorite! We appreciate and are humbled by your support.

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  • Ann img 2013-08-02 09:16

    Hi Scott, I take objection with your guest, when he compared the postal service to any government run program. From what I know, the postal service is its own entity, taking ZERO dollars from the tax payers. And they have not run it into the ground; the internet appeared, making regular mail almost obsolete. Futhermore,our population is not into writing or sending cards or thank you notes!!!they prefer texting, the instant gratification population.If you have gone anywhere else in the world, you would know our postal service is the best in the world.:-)

  • samdbgt img 2015-05-11 02:16

    Scott Lamar is a person who is actually worshipped over here. He has been such an awesome human being and a great person to work with. I homemade pepperoni have always followed him and I hope that I can reach the place where he is right now.