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'Protect My Public Media' enhances public TV and radio advocacy

Written by witf | Jul 18, 2013 9:10 AM

witf, in partnership with more than 400 public radio and television stations across the country, is re-launching an online grassroots campaign to sustain federal funding for public media under a new name and website, Protect My Public Media. Formerly 170 Million Americans for Public Broadcasting, the interactive, mobile-optimized campaign website allows users to share their experiences with public media and take action from their desktop, tablet or phone.

All Americans benefit from a strong public media system. For just $1.35 per person per year, over 98% of the U.S. population can enjoy free, over-the-air and online news, educational and cultural programming. In addition to its beloved programs, local public media stations work with teachers, parents and schools to provide free educational content and resources. Stations also serve as a communications lifeline during times of emergency and crisis, and they provide citizenship services ranging from local public affairs programming to coverage of state government to the preservation of America’s history and culture.

witf works with national effort to preserve funding for public media

witf and other public media stations are an essential part of our local communities,” says Kathleen Pavelko, President and CEO of witf. “Protect My Public Media allows our station’s local supporters to take action more easily on behalf of our local service and the programs they enjoy most.”

The new Protect My Public Media website features a blog that highlights news and facts about public media stations. The campaign continues to engage supporters on Facebook and Twitter.

Protect My Public Media is a collaboration of public radio and television stations, national organizations, and our listeners and viewers across the country who support federal funding for public media. This project receives no government funding. For more information on Protect My Public Media, visit

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