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witf honored by Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasters Association with 13 awards for excellence in broadcast journalism

Written by | Apr 20, 2012 5:47 PM

(Harrisburg) -- witf's Multimedia News Department and witf TV have been honored by the Pennsylvania Associated Press Broadcasters Association (PAPBA) with 13 awards for excellence in broadcast journalism. PAPBA groups witf in the Medium Market Radio and Medium Market Television Categories. Judging was conducted by the North Carolina Associated Press Broadcasters Association.

The news department garnered four first-place awards out of a total of 11, the most among medium market radio stations. Among the honors was the Joe Snyder Award for Outstanding News Service, the premier award given by The Pennsylvania Associated Press. It's named in memory of the late Joe Snyder, longtime bureau chief of the Pennsylvania AP who was instrumental in founding the PAPBA. It is the second time since 2008 that witf has been recognized with the Joe Snyder Award.

"The entire staff appreciates such wonderful recognition," Multimedia News Director Tim Lambert said. "To be recognized for outstanding news service is a tremendous honor."

Several of witf's major initiatives -- Facing Cancer Together, StateImpact Pennsylvania, and Real Life | Real Issues -- were recognized and the department swept the series category for the second consecutive year.

witf TV received two awards, including Smart Talk in the News or Sports Talk Show category.

The winning entries:


2nd Place – WITF, Harrisburg

“Drilling Puts A Strain On County 911 Centers” - Scott Detrow

Judges’ Comments: This story highlights some of the problems that can accompany economic progress. By focusing on the emergency response to these problems, the listener gets a truer sense of the impact in human and financial terms.

3rd Place – WITF, Harrisburg

“Real Life | Real Issues: Rural Homelessness” - Tim Lambert

Judges’ Comments: A well-narrated description of some of the problems facing people without a real home in one rural area of Pennsylvania. How they've fallen through the cracks and how they manage to survive.


1st Place – WITF, Harrisburg

“That Day in September -- 10 years Later” - Tim Lambert, Mary Wilson, Megan Lello, Joe Ulrich, Scott LaMar & Craig Layne

Judges’ Comments: Very hard not to be captivated by the stories of those who, through no fault of their own, were thrust into the painful history of 9/11.


1st Place – WITF, Harrisburg

“Sneak Preview of Flight 93 National Memorial” - Mary Wilson

Judges’ Comments: A fitting description of the dedication of a monument in an unlikely location to an event that touched the national psyche, and continues to do so.

3rd Place – WITF, Harrisburg

“Walking Flight 93 Crash Site Helps Family Member Heal” - Tim Lambert, Reporter; Joe Ulrich, Producer

Judges’ Comments: A respectful look at the behind-the-scenes preparation of the site now set aside for the Flight 93 Memorial, with descriptions provided by those intimately involved with the project, either as survivors, landowners or others.


1st Place – WITF, Harrisburg

“Fiscal Woes for the Capital City” - Craig Layne

Judges’ Comments: This series jumps right into the issue of the incinerator's failure to be able to pay for itself, and effectively takes the listener through the mess that resulted. Great writing and presentation. A lot of time and effort went into this and it shows.

2nd Place – WITF, Harrisburg

“Facing Cancer Together” - Craig Layne, Tim Lambert, Megan Lello & Joe Ulrich

Judges’ Comments: This series takes a look at what cancer does in terms of making sufferers, family members and friends take a good hard look at life, and what it means when the end is solidly in view. Some very poignant material is the result.

3rd Place – WITF, Harrisburg

“Ten Septembers Ago” - Craig Layne, Tim Lambert, Mary Wilson & Megan Lello; Joe Ulrich, Producer

Judges’ Comments: There are many ways the WITF news staff could have looked at a 10th Anniversary of 9/11. Each one of these presentations is a very listenable and thought-provoking response.


1st Place – WITF, Harrisburg

“Real Life | Real Issues: Mentoring Through Handball” - Tim Lambert

Judges’ Comments: Every now and then, a story comes along that captures some of the really innovative activity in the community that can help make life better for people. This is one of them, and it's very well reported.


2nd Place – WITF, Harrisburg

“Hunting on Sundays in PA” - Scott LaMar & Megan Lello

Judges’ Comments: A very interesting discussion of an issue – hunting, and hunting on Sundays – that airs some of the very cogent points for and against. It was a very interesting presentation.

3rd Place – WITF, Harrisburg

“Remnants of Tropical Storm Lee Hit Central PA” - Scott LaMar, Megan Lello, Scott Detrow, Craig Layne, Mary Wilson & Tim Lambert

Judges’ Comments: Interesting and informative presentation of the impact of the effects of the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee. People were presented with good information on flooding and closures.


2nd Place - WITF-TV, Harrisburg

“Smart Talk: Penn State Scandal” - Al Bonilla, Nell McCormack Abom, Scott LaMar, Mitch Mathias, Cara Williams Fry, Tim Lambert & Scott Detrow

Judges’ Comments: WITF-TV's “Smart Talk” provided viewers with powerful coverage of the Penn State Scandal. The program had excellent dialogue and purposeful use of audience participation.


2nd Place - WITF-TV, Harrisburg

“Facing Cancer Together” - Mitch Mathias, Katie Carpenter, Cara Williams Fry, Megan Lello & Keira Maguire

Judges’ Comments: A solid and thoughtful look at cancer's effects on a variety of individuals. This series really spoke in a unified voice of how the individual and those around them all face the illness together. Great job!

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