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witf announces a new phase in the life of Central PA magazine

Written by witf | Jun 1, 2011 4:49 PM

witf announcs a new phase in the life of Central PA magazine, in the form of a new relationship between witf and The Patriot-News.

Beginning with the August 2011 issue, Central PA will become a joint publication of The Patriot-News and witf. Donors to witf will receive Central PA six times per year. Central PA will be published in August, October, November, January, March and May and will continue to feature news and program highlights from witf TV and witf 89.5, along with articles on the arts, culture and lifestyles of our region.  Please note that there will be no July 2011 issue of Central PA.

This agreement will allow each organization--witf and The Patriot-News—to focus on its area of expertise: quality publishing and multimedia in the case of The Patriot-News and quality television, radio and interactive media in the case of witf. In a changing media environment, we believe this partnership offers witf the best possible way to offer excellent content to our donors.

I am personally delighted with this development, as it deepens the existing connections between witf and The Patriot-News—the region’s two most trusted media organizations.  In 2010, witf took over the  sponsorship and production of the Central PA Spelling Bee—a local competition that was sponsored for decades by The Patriot-News and that leads to the national Scripps-Howard Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C. And now The Patriot-News and witf are joining forces to produce another important community resource, Central PA magazine.

The publication frequency of the new Central PA does not allow for television listings, but we are committed to making this information as accessible as possible.  Printed TV listings are available weekly in the Sunday edition of The Patriot-News. If you are not a Patriot-News subscriber and would like to be, you can have it delivered to your home by calling The Patriot-News at 717-255-8150.  Please mention promo code WITF and you will receive the first 13 weeks for 99 cents per week or half off the regular price.

The most up-to-date listings—for television and for 89.5fm—are available all the time at and If you prefer a paper version, beginning July 1st, you will be able to click a “printer-friendly” button to print out pages from your home computer.

We are confident that you will enjoy Central PA magazine and we deeply appreciate your support for witf.

If you have any questions or comments, you may contact witf at, or call 717-910-2948 and ask for Courtney Lewis.


Kathleen A. Pavelko

President and CEO

Published in Pressroom

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