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"Girl's Song" – 2011 Central PA Writing Contest Winner

Written by Ann Cwiklinski | Mar 24, 2011 7:35 PM

The summer when she was 9, Margaret finally settled on a favorite color: blue. She especially loved the bright, otherworldly blue of the morning glories that twined up precisely spaced strings from the cracked soil of her grandmother's flower garden, past the blistering porch rail, to the overhanging roof of the house. Some mornings, when she had the porch to herself, Margaret sat on an overturned laundry basket and strummed the morning-glory strings with great, graceful swoops of her arms, pretending to be an angel with a giant harp.

Click here to read or download the entire story in PDF format.


Click the links below to read or download the second- and third-place stories and honorable mentions in PDF format.

Second Place – "Summer Vacation" – Justin S. Tappan, Camp Hill

Third Place – "Place Like Home" – Beth Vrabel, York


Honorable Mention:

"Vapor Trails" – Brigitta Kiessling, Gettysburg

"The Things She Chose to Keep" – Susan Pigott, Mechanicsburg

"The New Pet" – Damian Gessel, Harrisburg

"Accident" – Mitchell Sommers, Lancaster

"Finders Keepers" – Sarah Clayville, Carlisle

"Sufficient Son" – David H. Bender, Lancaster

"Deign" – Nathan Manning, Abbottstown [story not available]

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